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Light surrounds us – cascades down facades, peeks around corners, abounds from the unknown, trickles upon hidden objects, brightens the shadows, draws us to explore, and creates mysteries. Light transcribes hidden messages, sometimes with subtlety and tenderness, often with brazen strength and blatant beauty.

What do we do with those messages? Do we see them at all? Do we ignore them? Do we run from them? Do they mesmerize us, confuse us, and/or speak to us?

My passion for photography and cultures comes directly from my passion for light. I strive to capture the hidden messages that it professes. Not just light from the traditional sources such as the sun, the moon, the stars, candles, or the light bulb, but also from within: light from a person’s heart, soul, and mind; light that glows from within statues, columns, bricks and mortar; light that ebbs and flows from the purposes of the living and the non-living alike; light that is generated by the interplay of historical and contemporary cultures, its environs, and the people who traverse thru and touch upon it.

The plays of light from within and about create a language unto itself, spoken by all, sometimes understood by none. That language bursts forward reaching out to intersect with other languages within a space…languages such as those of architecture and form, of alpha and numeric, of historical and contemporized culture…all melding in various dimensions to create the spirit of a place.

Through photography, I capture the messages that spring forth through these intersections of various languages and dimensions, creating visual stories to assist in the discovery of beauty and hidden messages in the everyday, to offer hope and understanding, peace and tolerance, joy and unity in our intersections around the world.

Heidi Russell
New York, New York


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